KBS Succeeds in Reversing A Ruling of The Patent Trial And Appeal Board

May 13, 2016

KBS is pleased to announce a successful outcome in the appeal of an examiner’s final rejection in Ex Parte Hobbs and Appling (Appeal No. 2013-006660).  In the appeal, the Patent Trial And Appeal Board (“Board”) had initially sided with the examiner in rejecting all of the pending claims as being obvious over the prior art.  In response, KBS filed a Request for Rehearing arguing that the Board had failed to consider certain key issues.

On February 23, 2016, the Board reversed itself and entered a decision that all claims are patentable over the cited prior art.  This case is noteworthy for the fact that the Board has reversed itself, which is a very rare occurrence. The appeal was handled by KBS attorney Harry K. Ahn. Click here to review the Board’s decision.