Small Tech & Semiconductors
Overview :

“Small Tech,” which is short for “small technology,” is the buzz word for Micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), Microsystems, and Nanotechnology. There are small tech analogues for a wide variety of macro-scale systems and components, including optical systems and devices, RF components, mechanical devices, and chemical/biological analysis systems, to name just a few. Practitioners of the firm have extensive experience in Small Tech.


The applications for MEMS technology are virtually limitless. Forward-thinking companies are developing MEMS solutions for a wide variety of problems in a wide variety of industries. For example, MEMS-based approaches to problems are being studied for industries as diverse as telecommunications, medicine, automotives, aerospace, and proteomics.  Click on a link below to see our work in this area.

Optical MEMS:

USP 6,770,882   USP 6,501,589


USP 6,101,371   USP 6,184,755   USP 6,242,989

MEMS Sensors, Transducers, Actuators & Damping:

USP 6,487,001

MEMS Assembly & Fabrication:

USP 6,201,631   USP 6,344,417   USP 6,356,689


Arrangements of micron-scale devices that interact with or sense the environment and provide a response. One burgeoning area of microsystems is “lab-on-a-chip” in which microfluidics are used to integrate and automate laboratory processes on a single, disposable, millimeter-sized chip.  Click on a link below to see our work in this area.

USP 6,665,167   USP 6,650,527


Nanotechnology usually refers to devices, particles, etc., that are less than about 100 nanometers. Even with MEMS technology, atoms and molecules are manipulated in bulk. But with nanotechnology, individual atoms and molecules are being manipulated with control and precision.

USP 7,173,764  US-2009-0097811-A1  US-2011-0165058-A1  US-2011-0244692-A1