Medical Devices
Overview :

Medical devices are used for patient diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment.  Our expertise in medical devices encompasses autoinjector systems and devices, safety syringes, prosthetic implants, catheter devices, medical imaging systems, medical diagnostic systems and methods, and blood testing systems and devices.

Our expertise also encompasses non-traditional, medical device technologies.  Advances in microprocessor design and wireless networking have enabled the development of information-technology (“IT”) enabled medical devices and systems.  These devices/systems often include complex computing systems as well as embedded sensors and actuators that can monitor and even control critical physiological processes. These devices and systems can be configured to communicate wirelessly with other remote systems and data bases (e.g.electronic medical records, etc.) to achieve levels of functionality, adaptability, and effectiveness not possible with simpler passive medical devices and systems.

This kind of expertise in the medical device space is reflected in the patent applications that we prepare and prosecute, as well as in our ability to provide strategic guidance to our clients.

Some of our work in Medical Devices is represented by the following patents and publications:

WO2012/145685 Autoinjector Apparatus

U.S. Patent Publication 20120101439 AUTOINJECTOR SYSTEM

U.S. Patent Publication 20110264178 Probe for Neural Stimulation

U.S. Patent Publication 20080132747 Medical Device

U.S. Patent 8,379,961 Mitotic figure detector and counter system and method for detecting and counting mitotic figures

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U.S. Patent 8,135,202 Automated method and system for nuclear analysis of biopsy images

U.S. Patent 8,079,948 Article comprising an impeller

U.S. Patent 7,828,710 Apparatus comprising a drive cable for a medical device

U.S. Patent 7,153,304 Instrument system for preparing a disc space between adjacent vertebral bodies to receive a repair device

U.S. Patent 6,589,282 Modular shoulder prostheses

U.S. Patent 6,589,282 Modular shoulder prostheses

U.S. Patent 6,511,469 Cervical occluding double balloon catheter

U.S. Patent 6,450,963 Apparatus and method for ultrasonic imaging of the uterus and fallopian tubes using air and saline

U.S. Patent 5,967,991 Drive apparatus for an interventional medical device used in an ultrasonic imaging system

U.S. Patent 5,863,295 Prosthetic device and method of implantation

U.S. Patent 5,713,362 Higher-order quadrature driven diffraction grating doppler transducers

U.S. Patent 5,702,487 Prosthetic device

U.S. Patent 5,593,451 Prosthetic device and method of implantation

U.S. Patent 5,571,201 Prosthetic acetabular cup and method of implant

U.S. Patent 5,571,200 Acetabular cup, method and tool for installing the same

U.S. Patent 5,486,181 Acetabular cup, method and tool and installing the same

U.S. Patent 5,443,515 Vertebral body prosthetic implant with slidably positionable stabilizing member

U.S. Patent 5,624,399 Catheter having an intracervical/intrauterine balloon made from polyurethane


Drug delivery is the method by which a pharmaceutical compound is administered to achieve a therapeutic effect.  Developments in drug delivery have historically pertained to modifications in drug-release profile, absorption, distribution or elimination toward the end of improved efficacy and/or safety.  Recent efforts have focused on “smart” or “targeted” drug delivery.

Some of our work in Drug Delivery is represented by the following patents and publications:

USP 6,394,306        WO/01/52815      US 60/422,644   US 60/442,859