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Your intellectual property (IP) is a very valuable asset. Thus, it is important to know that we at Kaplan Breyer Schwarz are dedicated to helping businesses and institutions benefit from their creativity, by providing legal services with an emphasis on IP. Our services include patent and trademark prosecution, licensing, enforcement, defense, litigation, and monetization of all aspects of intellectual property. Through experienced, attentive professionals supported by an engaging work environment, we strive to demonstrate unsurpassed commitment to our clients with excellence in our results.

Our clients range from the IP departments of multinational corporations to the owners of small firms and private individuals, and are located throughout the United States and abroad. In addition to securing original IP protection, we also serve as the U.S. agent for IP counsels worldwide. Our main office is in suburban New Jersey, conveniently located near New York City. At the same time, our outlook is global.

With regard to our expertise, in many instances our professionals previously worked in research and development, as well as in other corporate settings. Moreover, because we both procure and litigate intellectual property, we understand how to procure the rights in a manner to maximize the chance of successful monetization. With each of our attorneys and agents focusing on particular technologies or legal disciplines, we can provide you with a winning combination of proficiency in the applicable practice areas, experience in various industries and technologies, and business acumen.

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